The Water Sports Center has something for everyone: regular kayaks, clear kayaks, water bikes, water skippers, round boats, and river cruises! The kayaks are great for the whole family, regardless of experience level. Water bikes are a great treat. The water skipper may take a bit of practice but it’s sure to incite laughter and joy in anyone adventurous enough to try. Round boats are a great way to float in the river, and a river cruise is a must!

Maximum number of participants for each sport:

  • Kayak: Maximum of 2 people/kayak
  • Round Boat: Maximum of 2 people/boat
  • Water Skipper: Maximum of 1 person/skipper
  • Water Bike: Maximum of 1 person/bike
  • SUP: Maximum of 1 person/SUP
  • Motor Boat: Maximum of 10 people/boat

Opening hours: 9 am – 6 pm daily.
Prices vary among each activity so please see our Price List for further details; prices include towel rental and use of the onsite hot water shower. Water Bikes & Sailing Service are not available at the moment and expected to be operated in the future.



Kayak 1 hourVND 100,000/1 hour/kayak
Kayak 2 hourVND 160,000/2 hour/kayak
Kayak 4 hourVND 250,000/4 hour/kayak
Round boat 1 hourVND 80,000/1 hour/boat
Round boat 2 hourVND 140,000/2 hour/boat
Round boat 4 hourVND 220,000/4 hour/boat
Water SkipperVND 300,000/1 hour/water skipper
Water Bike 1 hourVND 120,000/1 hour/bike
Water Bike 2 hourVND 180,000/2 hour/bike
Water Bike 4 hourVND 280,000/4 hour/bike
SUP 1 hourVND 100,000/1 hour/SUP
SUP 2 hourVND 160,000/2 hour/SUP
SUP 4 hourVND 250,000/4 hour/SUP
Motor Boat Daily Transfer 1VND 600,000/1 way
Motor Boat Daily Transfer 1VND 900,000/2 way
Motor Boat Private 1 hourVND 700,000/Tour
Motor Boat Private 2 hourVND 1,000,000/Tour
Motor Boat Private 4 hourVND 2,000,000/Tour

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