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Coronavirus prevention policy at Chay Lap Farmstay and Di Di Thoi Tours

Implementing Official Letter No. 4159/UBND-KGVX, dated September 11, 2020, of the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province on “continuing measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the new situation”. Official Letter No. 21/CD-UBND on 03/12/2020 of Chairman of Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee on strengthening Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control; Official Letter No. 2300/UBND-KGVX dated December 16, 2020, of the Provincial People’s Committee on the removal of medical isolation for people from Ho Chi Minh City in Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control procedures.

In order to continue implementing Covid-19 epidemic prevention measures in the new situation, Oxalis Holiday Limited Company hereby amends and supplements Covid-19 prevention measures which apply to all employees and customers when participating in the company’s services activities. Details are shown as follows:


Apply to all employees/customers when dealing, working, resorting, and using services at Chay Lap Farmstay and Oxalis Holiday classic tours.


The products and services provided by Oxalis Holiday include accommodation services at Chay Lap Farmstay and sightseeing services organized by Di Di Thoi, specifically:

1. Chay Lap Farmstay:

The 1.8-hectare campus (~4.5 acres) is located in the bordering areas of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, and completely separated from the residential community. There are 41 rooms and accompany services sections at Chay Lap such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, herbal saunas, gardens, fishing area, cycling ways, etc. They are divided into 3 main areas including Farm House (12 rooms), Garden House (11 Garden Rooms and 2 Farm Rooms), and Mountain House (16 rooms). Each room is designed in a completely separate house.

2. Di Di Thoi’s sightseeing services:

Di Di Thoi specializes in organizing traditional tours and outdoor activities around the Phong Nha area, including group tours, private sightseeing cruises, kayaking, cycling along the countryside, visiting the National Park, and community support tours. Tours are organized in small groups (maximum 16 guests per tour) and take place in sparse tourist destinations.


When customers book a tour or service at Oxalis Holiday, sales consultants will strictly following the below processes:

1. If customers contact to book services in less than 30 days: Check information about the customer’s current address and travel schedule recently. For guests booking services through an intermediary (partner/travel agency), require them to provide additional information. Stop picking up visitors who are from epidemic zones/passing through the epidemic zone within last 14 days or staying in quarantine areas.

2. If customers contact to book services directly for more than 30 days: 30 days before using the service, our consultants will contact guests about their actual situation. If the customers are quarantining, in quarantine areas, or under medical monitoring (F0, F1, F2, F3), the consultant proactively proposes a solution: 

+ Recommend moving to a more appropriate and safer time if possible.

+ Cancellation and refund to guests.

3. If the customer meets the safety conditions to book the service: at least 24 hours prior to check-in/join services, consultants must communicate with guests to update their actual situation. Require customers to provide medical declaration information at https://tokhaiyte.vn/; Those employees will check that information:

+ If approved, Oxalis Holiday will organize to receive and serve customers. Customers are strictly requested to wear a face mask and wash their hands frequently when using transportation (airplanes, trains, buses, etc.).

+ If customers are quarantining, belonging to F0, F1, F2, F3, or in a Covid-19 outbreak area, our consultants will recommend moving to an appropriate date or refund, supporting cancellation for guests

4. If guests book rooms/tours unexpectedly:

– Demand guests to provide travel schedules for the past 14 days; check carefully the travel schedule before booking (From which province? Is it located in the epidemic zone or not, etc.)

– Declare medical information at www.tokhaiyte.vn before accepting the booking.


Service staff and other related departments must strictly follow Covid-19 prevention steps at Chay Lap Farmstay and Di Di Thoi tours as follows:

1. The process of checking-in and serving at Chay Lap Farmstay:

1.1: All guests/partners/service employees must go through a Covid-19 mobile disinfection chamber (using Anolyte) for sterilization at the farmstay’s main entrance for at least 30 seconds.

1.2: Require customers to wash their hands with Green Cross antibacterial hand sanitizer at the entrance.

1.3: Check the body temperature of customers with digital thermometers.

1.4: Use the sprayers to disinfect the entire luggage surface of customers before entering.

1.5: Disinfect the entire room and the direct contact surfaces (floor surface, door handle, phone, remote control, key, etc.) by Chloramine B before check-in and right after check-out. Room doors are always open for ventilation when the room is available.

1.6: Restaurant/bar/herbal sauna zone: Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution before operating and after the work shift. Arranging service areas to ensure a distance of 2m must be kept at all times, using separate items for each group of guests. Arrange meals in the room if required. If guests enjoy meals at the restaurant, we will arrange spaces between groups or tables with at least 3-4m.

1.7: Means of transport (bicycle, shuttle bus): Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution after being used.

1.8: Store medical declaration information for the purpose of disease prevention.

1.9: Prepare 2 rooms as reserved rooms when isolation is required (using rooms 109 and 110), equipped with 04 personal protective equipment (PPE) for quarantine.

2. The process of serving at Chay Lap Riverside and Di Di Thoi Tours:

2.1: Require customers to provide medical declaration information at https://tokhaiyte.vn/ 24 hours before using the service.

2.2: Require customers to wash their hands with Green Cross antibacterial hand sanitizer and check the body temperature before getting on board of any transport.

2.3: Ask guests to wear a face mask when traveling to crowded locations (if available).

2.4: Means of transports (bicycle, boat, kayak, SUP, etc.): Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution after being used.

2.5: Store medical declaration information for the purpose of disease prevention.

3. Procedures when detecting customers showing any signs of COVID-19

3.1: All customers showing symptoms such as high-grade fever, shortness of breath, coughing, and sore throat must be taken to the isolation rooms (at Chay Lap Farmstay)

3.2: Employees who take responsibility for support must be fully furnished with protective equipment including hats, gloves, face masks, rubber boots before contacting customers. Customers are strictly requested to wear a face mask and PPE in the isolation areas.

3.3: Call the hotline of CDC Quang Binh and Vietnam – Cuba Hospital in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province at 0962 451 414 for specific instructions on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

3.4: Make an​ information list of people who have been in contact with suspected customers and conduct quarantine for health authorities to take preventive measures.

3.5: Perform decontamination and sterilization of equipment, means of transport, accommodation, and premises with Chloramine B solution.

Above is the current Covid-19 Prevention Policy of Oxalis Holiday. It is mandatory that all Oxalis Holiday staff strictly comply with the Policy and Procedures mentioned above to ensure the safety of their health, customers, and the community as well. Oxalis Holiday will refuse to provide services for those customers who intentionally do not comply with the Process above.

Phuc Trach, December 20, 2020

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