• Rustic House


    Up to 2 guests - From 1.040.000 VND

    The house is designed as a traditional Vietnamese tiled roof, nestled between orchards and green trees. The house also has a private bathroom area and a wooden hot bath set outside the garden. The house is both discrete and airy with private space.
    VND 1,040,000 VND
  • Trằm House


    Up to 6 guests - From 1.880.000 VND

    Tram House is a traditional tiled roof house with 2 rooms located in the middle of a garden and surrounded by green fences, with a private entrance and gate. Stay up to 6 people at no extra charge.
    VND 1,880,000 VND
  • Farm House


    Up to 6 guests - From 2.360.000 VND

    Farm house consists of 2 Farm Room rooms built with domed architecture, it is paneled with pine wood in side the room. In front is a balcony where guests can sit for tea or coffee and watch the sunrise. Stay up to 6 guests without extra charge.

    VND 2,360,000 VND
  • Mountain House


    Up to 10 guests - From 3.120.000 VND

    Mountain House is a 2-Floor building with 4 separate rooms inside. The house is located in the middle of the green lawn with a view towards the majestic mountains. Suitable for family groups. There are separate living, cooking and dining areas at home. Stay up to 10 people at no extra charge.
    VND 3,120,000 VND
  • Bàu Sen House


    Up to 10 guests - From 4.240.000 VND

    Bau Sen House consists of a 2-room tiled roof house and a 2-room farm house inside a Vietnamese-made area with entrance. Surrounding the house is a garden of flowers and herbs under tall trees and bougainvillea trellis on a wide porch. Stay up to 10 guests without extra charge.
    VND 4,240,000 VND
  • Chày House


    Up to 12 guests - From 4.700.000 VND

    Chay House is 2-traditional tiled roof houses, includes 5 rooms with private garden, arranged a common dining table under the bougainvillea shade. In front of the rooms, the wooden furniture is arranged to relax and enjoy the peaceful space in the farm. Stay up to 12 people at no extra charge.
    VND 4,700,000 VND
  • Chay Lap River House

    House, Chày Lập River House

    Up to 20 guests - From 5.000.000 VND

    Located at the corner of Chay river junction, Chay Lap River House stands out in the lush cornfields with a private space and poetic river sights. The house is designed with 3 private rooms on the upper floor and a 10-bed dormitory on the ground floor.
    VND 5,000,000 VND