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Coronavirus prevention policy at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort and Di Di Thoi Tours

Implementing notification No.164/TB-VPCP dated April 23, 2020, following the decision of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc after the government meeting on Covid-19 control measures; Official Letter No. 687/UBND-KGVX dated April 24, 2020, of Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee on the continued implementation of measures to prevent and control Covid-19 in the new situation. Oxalis Holiday limited company hereby issues Covid-19 prevention measures which apply to all employees, laborers, and customers when negotiating or participating in the company’s services. Specifically shown as follows:


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) is an infectious disease caused by coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) previously unidentified in humans. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The virus-laden droplets may also fall to the ground or land on a surface. COVID-19 spreads between people directly (close contact with infected people via mouth and nose secretions), or indirectly (through touching contaminated objects or surfaces, and then touching the face). Vietnam is one of the nations that have successfully controlled the pandemic by implementing coordinated measures such as social distancing, zoning, wearing a face mask in public and frequent hand washing with hand sanitizer. Vietnam has recorded 1,040 Covid-19 cases to date, with 297 active cases and 33 deaths. Oxalis Holiday now launches their Coronavirus Prevention Policy in order to improve the safety of their service process, prevent Covid-19, and prepare for any new situation in the future at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort and Di Di Thoi tours.


Oxalis Holiday provides accommodation services at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort and sightseeing services organized by Di Di Thoi.

1. Chay Lap Farmstay:

The 1.8-hectare isolated campus located in the middle of the contiguous area of ​​Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, is completely separate from the local residential area and offers 41 rooms and accompanying services such as restaurants, a bar, swimming pool, herbal sauna, gardening experience, fishing, etc. The resort is divided into 3 main zones: Farm rooms, Cottage rooms, and Garden rooms. Different room types are constructed separately:

  • Farm rooms: 14 rooms, structured into 7 blocks, each block consisting of 2 rooms with a shared staircase.
  • Garden rooms: 16 rooms, double-storey, constructed into 4 blocks 20m apart. Each block consists of 4 rooms with a shared courtyard that can serve food and beverage separately.
  • Cottage rooms: 8 rooms designed in the form of separate bungalows and away from each other to ensure a private and comfortable atmosphere for family visitors or small groups.

2. Di Di Thoi’s sightseeing services:

Di Di Thoi offers a range of classic tours around Phong Nha, including join-in tours and private tours that offer interesting activities as riverboat cruises, kayak tours, and bicycle tours to explore the countryside and visit the National Park. Tours are organized in small groups (no more than 15 people for join-in tours) and take place in locations with few tourists.


Immediately after the latest updates on COVID-19, Oxalis Holiday issued measures to fight COVID-19 under the guidance of the local government and CDC.

Accordingly, Oxalis Holiday will add the following further safety measures in order to strengthen the prevention and control of transmission at service zones and in the customer service process:

  • Obtain medical declaration information, check guests’ schedules to ensure that they are not from an epidemic area or have previously stayed/visited an epidemic area prior to check-in/joining the tour.
  • Enable all employees to install the Bluezone app to track people at risk of Covid-19 infection in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s regulations.
  • Equip the entrance of the resort with a Covid-19 mobile disinfection chamber.
  • Equip the Reception, Tour Operation Department, Di Di Thoi’s Cruise, with digital thermometers
  • Set up antibacterial hand sanitizer in front of the entrance, reception positions, restaurant, bar, on the cruise, passenger vehicles.
  • Provide face masks for free when requested at reception areas.
  • Equip the resort and Di Di Thoi’s operating zone with disinfection sprayers. Sterilize the baggage of customers and periodically disinfect infrastructure.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from any guest in crowded places (restaurants, bars).
  • Mandatory sterilization of luggage, body temperature check, washing of hands with antibacterial hand sanitizer before check-in, or participating in tours.
  • Carry out periodic spray sterilization (daily or before and after providing the service) in the guest serving areas: rooms, bar, restaurant, reception zone, passenger vehicles, and such like (bicycle, shuttle bus, cruise).
  • All staff who come in contact with customers must wear a face mask.
  • The management board will monitor and update daily the data on the pandemic to capture and respond to the actual situation.


When customers would like to book the room/tour or service of Oxalis Holiday, sales consultants will strictly adhere to the following process:

  1. If less than 30 days from the date of direct booking: Check guests’ current accommodation addresses, details about their destination in the past. For guests booking services through an intermediary (partner/travel agency), require them to provide additional information.
  2. If customers make reservations 60 days ahead: at least thirty days prior to such date, consultants communicate with guests to update their actual situation. If the customers are quarantining or in quarantine areas or under medical monitoring (F0, F1, F2, F3), the consultant proactively proposes a solution:
    + Recommend to move to a more appropriate and safer time if possible
    + Cancellation and refund to guests.
  3. If the customer meets the safety conditions to book the service: at least 24 hours prior to check-in/join services, consultants must communicate with guests to update their actual situation. Require customers to provide medical declaration information at https://tokhaiyte.vn/. Those employees will check that information:
    + If approved, Oxalis Holiday will organize to receive and serve customers. Customers are strictly requested to wear a face mask and wash their hands frequently when using transportation (plane, train, bus, etc.).
    + If customers are quarantining, belonging to F0, F1, F2, F3, or in an area with Covid-19 outbreak, our consultants will recommend moving to an appropriate date or refund, supporting cancellation for guests.


Service staff and other related departments must strictly follow Covid-19 prevention steps at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort and Di Di Thoi tours as follows:

1. The process of receiving, checking-in and serving at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort:

1.1: All guests/partners/service employees must go through a Covid-19 mobile disinfection chamber (using Anolyte) for sterilization at the resort’s main entrance for at least 30 seconds.

1.2: Require customers to wash their hands with Green Cross antibacterial hand sanitizer at the entrance.

1.3: Check the body temperature of customers by digital thermometers.

1.4: Use the sprayers to disinfect the entire luggage surface of customers before entering.

1.5: Disinfect the entire room and the direct contact surfaces (floor surface, door handle, phone, remote control, key, etc.) by chloramine B before check-in and right after check-out. Room doors are always open for ventilation when the room is available.

1.6: Restaurant/bar/herbal sauna zone: Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution before operating and after the work shift. Arranging service areas to ensure a distance of 2m must be kept at all times, using separate items for each group of guests. Arrange meals in the room if required.

1.7: Campus zones / Walkways / Administration / Staff: Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution before and after the work shift.

1.8: Means of transport (bicycle, shuttle bus): Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution after being used.

1.9: Store medical declaration information for the purpose of disease prevention.

1.10: Prepare 2 rooms as reserved rooms when isolation is required (using rooms 109 and 110), equipped with 04 personal protective equipment (PPE) for quarantine.

2. The process of receiving and serving at Chay Lap Riverside and Di Di Thoi Tours:

2.1: Require customers to provide medical declaration information at www.tokhaiyte.vn 24 hours before using the service.

2.2: Require customers to wash their hands with Green Cross antibacterial hand sanitizer and check the body temperature before getting on board any transport.

2.3: Ask guests to wear a face mask when traveling to crowded locations (if available).

2.4: Means of transports (bicycle, boat, kayak, SUP, etc.): Spray disinfection with Chloramine B solution after being used.

2.5: Store medical declaration information for the purpose of disease prevention.

3. Procedures when detecting customers showing any signs of COVID-19

3.1: All customers showing symptoms such as high-grade fever, shortness of breath, coughing, and sore throat must be taken to the isolation rooms (at Chay Lap Farmstay & Resort)

3.2: Employees who take responsibility for support must be fully furnished with protective equipment including hats, gloves, face masks, rubber boots before contacting customers. Customers are strictly requested to wear a face mask and PPE in the isolation areas.

3.3: Call the hotline of CDC Quang Binh and Vietnam – Cuba Hospital in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province at 0962 451 414 for specific instructions on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

3.4: Make a list and contact information of people who have been in contact with suspected customers and conduct quarantine for health authorities to take preventive measures.

3.5: Perform decontamination and sterilization of equipment, means of transport, accommodation, and premises with Chloramine B solution.

Above is the current Coronavirus Prevention Policy of Oxalis Holiday. It is mandatory that all Oxalis Holiday staff strictly comply with the Policy and Procedures mentioned above, to ensure the safety of their health, and the health of their customers, and the community as well. Oxalis Holiday will refuse to provide services for those customers who intentionally do not comply with the Process above.

Phuc Trach, August 20, 2020

Free services when staying at Chay Lap Farmstay

Chay Lap Farmstay, Di Di Thoi and Oxalis Adventure are member of the Oxalis Group. Once you book accommodation at Chay Lap Farmstay, you are offered not only free activities included at Chay Lap Farmstay, but also services at Oxalis Adventure and Di Di Thoi especially.

Below are services included in the accommodation rate at Chay Lap Farmstay that you should know to enjoy your stay in Phong Nha, Vietnam at its best.

1. Free Phong Nha – Dong Hoi Shuttle Bus transfer:

You can get free tickets for the Phong Nha Shuttle Bus to travel between Phong Nha and Dong Hoi (each way). To reserve your free ticket, you need only notify your Chay Lap Farmstay consultant about the ticket you want to book, based on the departure schedule below.

You can book online here: https://phongnhashuttle.com/vi/

2. Private chill-out beach in Dong Hoi:

The Oxalis Group – Dong Hoi Office is located on the beautiful beach where you can go swimming, relaxing and enjoying the fantastic view of the blue ocean and white sand. There are sun loungers and bathrooms to use after swimming. Guests can also order food, cold beer, and beverages at the Buffalo Beach Bar located behind the Oxalis Beachside Office.

This is also the Phong Nha Shuttle Bus pick-up spot, so it is very convenient for passengers who arrive early, to rest and relax while waiting for the bus.

Address: The Oxalis Group – Dong Hoi Office, Truong Phap Street, Dong Hoi City.

3. Free activities at Chay Lap Riverside – Water Sport Center:

Chay Lap Riverside is a part of the amazing Chay Lap Farmstay and is located about 500 meters from the main property, over the entrance road which passes alongside green buffalo fields on each side. Unlimited time to enjoy these activities: swimming, playing swings and 1 hour for these exciting water sports: Kayaking, SUP, floating hammock.

For extra activities, you can use voucher 30% off for Chay Lap Farmstay guests.

4. Two hours of using bicycle:

Reveling in fascinating sunrise and charming sunset – Cycling through very rural farming villages, where buffaloes will compete with laughing children to grab your attention; checking in at rustic suspension bridges. Our Farmstay Mountain Bikes are available for cycling and exploring the local area under your own pace.

5. Others activities:

Staying at Chay Lap Farmstay, you are able to use swimming pool with pool towels, go fishing and farming in our campus. In addition, we offer 10% off in case you are interested in classic tours around Phong Nha which is operated by Di Di Thoi (Please contact to our assistant for more details).

Phong Nha National Park & Paradise Cave Tour

Our Phong Nha National Park Tour is a new spin on a local classic, whilst being both highly informative and also fun, with plenty of time to enjoy the park. We limit our tours to a maximum of 12 people per tour departure to give everyone a chance to participate and enjoy the day.

Price: 1.250.000 VNĐ/pax

Phong Nha River Cruise

Our tour starts with an early morning visit to Xuan Son market, where you’ll have a close encounter with the towns morning activities. Then get on board and after a short boat trip you will arrive at Xuan Tien Village, where you will learn about local fsh farming practices, including the Black Carp and special eel from Phong Nha.
Price: 1.320.000 VND/pax

Phong Nha Sunset Cruise

Our Phong Nha Sunset Cruise will take guests up river past these quaint villages, where locals can be seen going about their daily activities on the riverside. The cruise will continue winding down river past farmland where you’ll no doubt see buffalos grazing, and children running along the river banks. You will enjoy some light snacks and a cold drink as you soak up the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, and listen to some interesting local stories by your professional tour guide.
Price: 400.000 VND/pax

Quang Binh Exploration Package 3 Days

The 3-day-2-night package is designed exclusively for those who are looking for a vacation combined with exploring the uniqueness of cave systems in Quang Binh; immerse yourself in the amazing nature of Phong Nha – Ke Bang. This package will bring tourists prolific activities and unique experiences.
Price: 5,600,000 VND/pax

Quang Binh Experience Package 4 Days

This package is designed for those who want a balanced experience among natural exploration, relaxation, sightseeing, and prolific activities in Quang Binh. The trip is suitable more for those who travel with family, especially with kids. This journey is an opportunity for all members to get some outdoor activities together and their children have real experiences with nature.
Price: 6,300,000 VND/pax

Combo KHUYẾN MÃI cực HOT tại Chày Lập Farmstay!

Nhân dịp trở lại sau dịp lễ 30/4 và 1/5/2020, đặc biệt là sau một thời gian rất dài thực hiện giãn cách xã hội, Chày Lập Farmstay xin được giới thiệu 3 combo giảm giá hấp dẫn nhất áp dụng đến hết tháng 8/2020, kết hợp giữa việc nghỉ dưỡng tại Chày Lập F&R và khám phá Phong Nha bằng du thuyền Đi Đi Thôi.

GÓI COMBO 2N1D970,000 VND/người

Du thuyền ngắm hoàng hôn + nghỉ dưỡng tại Chày Lập

  • 1 đêm nghỉ dưỡng tại Chày Lập (bao gồm ăn sáng)
  • Trải nghiệm làm bánh xèo địa phương – đặc sản Gia Hưng
  • 2h đạp xe ngắm cảnh, chiêm ngưỡng sự mộc mạc bình yên của làng Chày, check in tại 3 cây cầu treo ấn tượng.
  • 1h chèo kayak tận hưởng vẻ đẹp của sông Chày
  • Thoải mái câu cá bên trong khuôn viên của Chày Lập F&R
  • Tour ngắm hoàng hôn trên du thuyền ngược dòng sông Son

GÓI COMBO 2N1D PLUS1,970,000 VND/người

Du thuyền ngắm hoàng hôn + Tour khám phá VQG Phong Nha + Nghỉ dưỡng tại Chày Lập

  • 1 đêm nghỉ dưỡng tại Chày Lập (bao gồm ăn sáng)
  • Trải nghiệm làm bánh xèo địa phương – đặc sản Gia Hưng
  • 2h đạp xe ngắm cảnh, chiêm ngưỡng sự mộc mạc bình yên của làng Chày, check in tại 3 cây cầu treo ấn tượng.
  • 1h chèo kayak tận hưởng vẻ đẹp của sông Chày
  • Thoải mái câu cá bên trong khuôn viên của Chày Lập F&R
  • Tour ngắm hoàng hôn trên du thuyền ngược dòng sông Son
  • Tour khám phá VQG Phong Nha Kẻ bàng – 1ngày

GÓI COMBO 3N2D ALL IN ONE3,400,000 VND/ người

Khám phá Phong Nha và vui chơi thả ga tại Chày Lập

  • 2 đêm nghỉ dưỡng tại Chày Lập (bao gồm ăn sáng)
  • Trải nghiệm làm bánh xèo địa phương – đặc sản Gia Hưng
  • 4h đạp xe ngắm cảnh, chiêm ngưỡng sự mộc mạc bình yên của làng Chày, check in tại 3 cây cầu treo ấn tượng.
  • 2h chèo kayak tận hưởng vẻ đẹp của sông Chày
  • Thoải mái câu cá bên trong khuôn viên của Chày Lập F&R
  • Tour khám phá VQG Phong Nha Kẻ Bàng – 1 ngày
  • Tour khám phá Phong Nha bằng du thuyền – 1 ngày



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What To Do In Phong Nha

Staying at Chay Lap Farmstay and looking for some off-property activities to fill your days?

Phong Nha Cave

The Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam is also known as the cave kingdom of the world!

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