03 June 2019

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Lying on the North Central coast of Vietnam, Dong Hoi is the capital city of Quang Binh Province. It’s a rather lesser known fact among travellers that this beautiful coastal city has some of the best seafood in Vietnam, along with numerous other signature Vietnamese dishes that’ll make you fall in love with this quaint city.

Dong Hoi is a major fishing hub with its character fishing boats lining the river banks and horizon. When you’re there, you’ll find that Dong Hoi restaurants offer a wide variety of popular Vietnamese specialities that hare hard to find in such quantity anywhere else in Vietnam.

Your Dong Hoi travel itinerary would be incomplete without letting your taste buds relish the irresistible and brilliantly cooked food here; and so, we’ve compiled a list of the top dishes in Dong Hoi city that you must try:

Vietnamese Seafood Dishes

As mentioned, Dong Hoi city undoubtedly has the best seafood in Vietnam, due to the way it’s ideally located. You’ll get all kinds of popular and exotic seafood when you travel to Dong Hoi.

Here are the most delicious Vietnamese Seafood to try in Dong Hoi:


This is dry shredded squid (or dry cuttlefish) mixed with fresh mango! Sounds unusual, right? It tastes heavenly and goes well with a beer, as you’d find the locals doing. This dish has a sour tinge to it, as the mango used isn’t ripe. You’ll find that the dry squid is properly mixed with thin and small slices of mango, seasoned with some chilli, squeezed lemon and Nuoc Mam (fish sauce).

You can find this dish in Dong Hoi fairly easily. Just head to Nhat Le Beach or Bao Ninh Beach and grab a chair at one of the countless stalls where you can chill out and enjoy some Muc Bop Xoai. You can expect to pay no more than VND 100,000 to VND 150,000 per dish – that’s around USD 5!



Ca Duoi Nuong is a grilled stingray usually around 1-2kg and with a fragrance that will lure just about anyone. The meal consists of green banana and lilac leaves, some onions, garlic, fish sauce, pepper, fresh turmeric and chilli, all grilled together with the stingray and served with some rice paper to roll the best Fresh Vietnamese Spring rolls you have ever tried! You’ll feel an explosion of flavours with every bite of this culinary masterpiece.

You can try this dish at most beachside shacks and shops near the Nhat Le beach in Dong Hoi for around VND 200,000 per dish – that’s less than USD 10!



This dish of grilled scallops is one very popular seafood dishin Dong Hoi. It is prepared by grilling the scallops still within their shell for about 20-30 minutes, and then adding dry onions, peanuts, vegetable oil, chilli sauce and scallion. All the flavours combine with the freshness of the scallop to create one of the most delicious meals in Vietnam. The So Diep Nuong is slightly chewy, but very easy to savor and eat, while you watch the sunset at the beach.

The best we have found is at Minh Ha Restaurant on the river near Nhat Le Beach. The price is around USD 8 – 10 for a dozen or more of these scrumptious beauties.



Cua Hap Bi Dao in English means ‘Steamed Crab with Gourd’. In the hot summer days, this delicious combination of braised river crab with squash is an ideal dish to enjoy and helps you to cool down. The dish is simple, nutritious and very tasty! Thinly cut squash, minced onions, non-aromatic oil, spices, seasoning seeds, chilli, salt, pepper and of course, crab meat are the main ingredients of this popular Vietnamese dish.

You can try this dish at the Chang Chang Seafood restaurant in Dong Hoi or any floating restaurant by the Nhat Le riverside for around USD 15 – 20 per dish.


Addictive Vietnamese Street Food

Enjoying the street food in Vietnam is an experience you just can’t miss! Even though Dong Hoi restaurants serve incredibly tasty cuisines, make sure you also spend a couple of hours roaming around this lovely city and try out some amazing Vietnamese street food on your Dong Hoi travel plan; very affordably priced and a taste you’ll remember for a long time.

Since these are street food dishes, you can find them almost everywhere in Dong Hoi city. Look out for shops that have signs with the names of these dishes.

Here are the most tempting street food dishes you get in Dong Hoi:


Banh Loc translates into ‘Filtered flour cake’. Cassava flour is used to make this cake; filtered to starch and a small part of the flour is boiled. This dish usually contains shrimps mixed with spices or a combination of shrimp, pork, wood ear and shoots combination. These delicious cakes are wrapped in banana leaves, and then steamed before they’re ready to eat. Banh Loc may be plain, steamed or even fried.

You can have the best Banh Loc in Dong Hoi city at a small shop called Banh Loc Me Xuan. Hop on a cab and you will experience this signature dish in a glance. You’ll pay only USD 1 for a dish of 10 pieces!



Banh Beo is a kind of cake that’s highly popular across Vietnam and especially in the central region of Vietnam. The main components of this street food are flour, minced shrimp, fish sauce (with or without chilli) and crispy pork crackers.

This scrumptious local dish is sold widely across Central Vietnam and you can surely enjoy it at Dong Hoi. While Banh Beo in other places are made one portion in individual tiny plate, the Banh Beo in Dong Hoi brings the dish up to another level, what surprises you is, there are layers (many of them) on one plate and people end up having at least two plates of them every time!

Banh Beo’ is found nearly everywhere in Dong Hoi. You can try it at Tu Quy restaurant (near Dong Hoi Market) for the best flavours. Again, only USD 1 for a plate.



While on your Dong Hoi travel journey, you must try the famous Banh Xeo! It’s a crepe or pancake made of rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric, which you can fill with vermicelli noodles, chicken, pork or beef slices, shrimps, sliced onions, beansprouts and mushrooms. This yummy dish is usually eaten in the afternoons or during supper. However, you can try it in anytime during the day at plenty of street food stalls in Dong Hoi. It costs only USD 2 for one dish which includes spring rolls wrappers!


Authentic Local Dishes

When in Vietnam, eat like a Viet! The authentic local dishes mentioned below are foods that the locals enjoy as a part of their culture. Full of nutritious values, lip-smacking taste and balanced ingredients, these local dishes of Vietnam can be found in Dong Hoi as well.


Com Nieu stands for ‘claypot rice’. This is eaten with lots of different locally cooked dishes, with a multiple choices in dishes made of beef, pork, chicken, and a variety of fish. If you’re out with a group of friends or with family, this is a great dish to enjoy in Dong Hoi. The way the rice blends with the flavors of the other dishes is quite fascinating to feel and eating this will surely be one of the highlights of your Dong Hoi travel.  You would want to order some river fishes, vegetable soup and fried egg to have with the claypot rice.

Minh Phuong restaurant or Com Nieu Minh Phuong is one of the most popular claypot rice restaurant in Dong Hoi, and you will pay about USD 3 for a pot.



Chao Banh Canh is one of the most popular specialties of the Quang Binh province. This locally made broth primarily contains snakehead fish, ribs, prawns and noodles. Everything is boiled and then served to enjoy. The local people usually like to have this as a breakfast meal or an early evening meal to bring in the night with a stomach full of healthy and tasty Chao Banh Canh. This can be found in most local eateries in Dong Hoi city for USD 1.5 – 3 per dish.



This ‘Eel soup’ is a very famous dish in Dong Hoi city. The components of this amazing soup are eels, pork ribs broth, garlic, Rau Ram (Vietnamese mint leaves), sugar, noodles, fish sauce and chilli powder to garnish the soup. You would love to have a baguette bread with this, every single bite and sip of this soup makes you like it more and more. Don’t forget to try this while travelling in Dong Hoi!

One of the best Sup Luon (eel soup) in town is Thuy Duong restaurant on Phan Boi Chau street, Dong Hoi city. You will pay around USD 2 per dish!