In 2011, the Mekong Project, ADB Bank and local government started the Chay Lap project with a vision to develop tourism in a largely passed through area near the entrance to Ke-Bang National Park. In order to increase efficiency and provide more jobs for local people, the Quang Binh government decided to hand Chay Lap over to Oxalis in 2015.

The small bungalows nestled at the base of the ancient karst formations, only a few kilometers from the National Park, were the perfect foundation for Oxalis to create an incredible oasis. The original rooms were upgraded and 16 new rooms were built. The swimming pool area was revitalized, lush gardens were planted and infrastructure was improved with the addition of a restaurant, pool bar, reception building and administrative area. All of these improvements have led to Chay Lap Farmstay becoming a retreat for adventure seekers of all types.


Chay Lap Farmstay is a proud part of the Oxalis family. We adhere closely to their core values of economical sustainability, environmental conservation and community involvement. These are a factor in all business decisions and plans for our future. We follow strictly recycling practices and are developing a composting plan to manage the kitchen waste and improve our garden; in doing so, we are greatly reducing what we send to the landfill.

Chay Lap Farmstay employs over 50 people now and are very proud that 90% of them are local. Not only are we impacting the community with employment opportunities, we are creating an environment for personal development and the chance for local people to develop their own small businesses to cater to the needs of the tourists that we are bringing to the area and sending out into the surrounding villages. The positive impact is far reaching.


Since our Grand Opening in March 2016, Chay Lap Farmstay has garnered a reputation amongst domestic and international travelers as THE place to stay in the area. Catering to families, groups and adventure travelers, our entire team has embraced the ideals of great customer service. We have a full service bar and restaurant, conference room, and beautiful gardens to walk through. We strive to tailor the Farmstay experience to whatever it is that each guest needs. Through ongoing training and onsite English lessons, our staff have been able to develop their personal selves and their work skills, enabling them to interact with the guests on a professional level with a personal touch.

With the support from Oxalis and their well-received business practices, Chay Lap will continue to grow and develop as a contributor to the local community and place where our guests feel the positive effects of our involvement. We will continue to provide stable employment for local people and support local businesses in the surrounding neighborhoods. We hope you can come join us soon so we can show you what we’re all about!