Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam, lies Chay Lap Farmstay – a haven of tranquility and adventure for families and explorers alike. More than just a place to stay, Chay Lap invites you to step into a world of nature, offering a tapestry of experiences woven with the threads of local culture, outdoor thrills, and family-friendly fun.

Embrace Nature’s Rhythms

Wake up to the symphony of birdsong and immerse yourself in the rhythms of the countryside. Learn the art of farming at Chay Lap, tending to organic gardens, and witnessing the magic of nature’s bounty. For those who yearn for culinary adventures, a hands-on cooking class promises to awaken your taste buds with traditional Vietnamese flavors.

River Voyages of Discovery

Glide down the gentle Son Trach River on a captivating cruise, uncovering the treasures of local craft villages. Witness skilled artisans weaving intricate textiles, shaping delicate pottery, and carving intricate woodwork – a testament to the region’s rich heritage. Breathe in the fresh air and lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery as you meander through lush rice fields and quaint villages.

A family boat cruise on Chay River is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Chay Lap, Vietnam.

Cycling through Emerald Valleys

Saddle up for a scenic bike ride, exploring the hidden corners of the countryside. Weave through verdant trails, past sun-dappled meadows and ancient banyan trees. Feel the wind in your hair and inhale the earthy fragrance of the land as you witness the vibrant tapestry of rural life.

Adventure Playground: Ozo Park

For the adventurous souls, Chay Lap offers a playground of thrilling activities. Climb the exhilarating heights of Ozo Park, an outdoor adventure complex boasting zip lines, rope bridges, and challenging climbing circuits. Venture into the mysterious depths of Phong Nha’s famed caves, a wonderland of karst formations and underground rivers. Each twist and turn unveils nature’s hidden beauty, leaving you mesmerized and humbled.

Mooc Spring is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nature’s Secrets Unveiled at Phong Nha’s Caves

Wander through the fragrant Botanical Garden, a sanctuary of exotic flora and fascinating fauna. Learn about the delicate balance of the ecosystem and discover the secrets of the rainforest under the expert guidance of local naturalists.

Botanical Garden Wanderings

As the sun dips below the horizon, gather around a crackling bonfire and share stories under a canopy of stars. Savor delicious local delicacies cooked over open flames, and let the rhythm of traditional music wash over you, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Where Nature, Community, and Memories Converge

Chay Lap Farmstay is more than just a collection of activities; it’s a philosophy. It’s about slowing down, reconnecting with nature, and forging genuine connections with the local community. It’s about igniting a sense of wonder in children and creating lasting memories for families. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and discover the world of wonder that awaits at Chay Lap Farmstay.

Come, explore, and let the magic of nature weave its spell on you.