Seeking an unforgettable and eco-friendly venue for your next company trip, conference, or training session? Look no further than the idyllic combination of Chay Lap Farmstay and Blue Diamond Camp, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. This dynamic duo offers the perfect blend of green ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) or net-zero activities, immersive experiences, and luxurious accommodations, catering to the needs of modern businesses seeking to make a positive impact.

Chay Lap Farmstay

+ Eco-Friendly Haven: Immerse your team in the vibrant wilderness with Chay Lap Farmstay’s sustainable practices. Enjoy eco-friendly lodging, organic meals, and a commitment to minimizing environmental impact, setting the tone for a responsible and inspiring event.

+ Team Building Adventures: Foster collaboration and camaraderie through a range of unique activities: conquer the rapids on an exhilarating kayak, and cycle around Chay’s village. These shared experiences strengthen bonds and build lasting memories.

+ Relaxation: After a productive day, unwind in comfort and style. Choose from charming “Farm Rooms” nestled amongst the trees, spacious “Garden Rooms” overlooking the lush gardens, or “Mountain Rooms” offering breathtaking vistas.

A diverse range of team building rooms are available to meet the needs of any group.

Blue Diamond Camp

+ Net-Zero Retreat: Embrace a truly net-zero experience at Blue Diamond Camp, powered by solar energy and committed to minimizing waste generation. Inspire your team with a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

+ Tranquility and Focus: Find peace and quiet amidst the natural beauty. Blue Diamond Camp offers serene spaces for reflection and focused work, ideal for brainstorming sessions or team retreats.

+ Immersive Activities: Engage your team in a variety of eco-friendly activities. Explore the Blue River on kayaks or SUP boards, swim in the natural pool, or participate in guided hikes through the surrounding trails.

+ Starlit Gatherings: Bond under the starlit sky around the crackling campfire. Share stories, enjoy delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and create lasting memories together.

Savoring a delicious dinner in the wilderness, surrounded by the sounds of nature. A perfect way to end a day of hiking and camping.

Why Choose Chay Lap Farmstay and Blue Diamond Camp?

+ Green ESG and Net-Zero Focus: Align your company’s values with a sustainable venue committed to minimizing environmental impact.

+ Unique and Memorable Experiences: Move beyond traditional conferences and create lasting memories with immersive activities in a stunning natural setting.

+ Team Building and Connection: Foster collaboration and camaraderie through shared experiences and challenges, strengthening bonds within your team.

+ Luxurious Comfort and Relaxation: Ensure your team’s well-being with comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine, and access to relaxing amenities.

At Chay Lap Farmstay and Blue Diamond Camp, your company event is more than just a meeting; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, engage in meaningful activities, and create lasting memories in a truly sustainable setting. Let us help you plan an unforgettable event that inspires your team and reflects your commitment to environmental responsibility.