The Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in the central region of Vietnam holds some of the most beautiful natural assets in all of Asia and even the world. Mountains, rivers, caves, jungles, valleys, you name it! When you travel to Phong Nha, you’ll surely find a wide array of activities to choose from, places to see, things to try, traditions to learn and much more!

The Phong Nha –Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most colossal and spellbinding caves; the most revered ones being the world’s largest cave – Son Doong, the third biggest cave in the world – Hang En, the cave with the rarest and most extraordinary cave formations ever seen – Hang Va, one of the most prominent and gorgeously mysterious cave systems in the world – Tu Lan Cave System and other tourist caves like the Phong Nha cave, Paradise Cave and Dark Cave.

Apart from the many majestic caves to explore in the region, the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is also where the utterly beautiful Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail resides. The Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail is also known as Mooc Springs Eco-Trail and is one of the biggest and best attractions in Phong Nha and even all of Vietnam. Amongst others, visiting the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail is surely one of the answers if you’re wondering what to do in Phong Nha!

About the Nuoc Mooc Eco-trail

The trails that you find in the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail are seen defined by very clearly marked paths and solid bamboo boardwalks. Here, you will have your mind blown away as you’ll be surrounded by some really beautiful lagoons and ebullient rivers! At the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail or Mooc Springs Eco-Trail, you’ll also see that the initial lagoon has been designed in a way that it allows you to enjoy a mini ropes course and is usually considered to be very exciting activity for children.

When you make your way deeper along the trails, you’ll see that it leads you to a much bigger area where you can unwind with some kayaking or splashing about in the inviting water! If you’re looking for a place to chill and cool off in this summer in Phong Nha, the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail is surely one of the top must-visit places in the region. One of the highlights of the Mooc Springs Eco-Trail is the fact that you’ll find it to be extremely peaceful and naturally charming despite it being one of the best attractions in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

Interesting Facts

• The word “Mooc” in Vietnamese translates to “Unknown”. The name Mooc Spring was coined for this breathtaking spring as no one could really discern too well about the early origins of this

• You’ll find the Mooc Spring surfacing at the very bottom of a dominating Karst hill and due to the massive level of water that splashes out from this area sometimes, some researchers believed that there may be a gigantic cave system right here and could possibly lead all the way to Laos.

• The Mooc Spring Eco-Trail was constructed back in the year 2011 primarily for the purpose of catering to the massive development of tourism that the region saw at that time. The other main agenda of turning the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail into reality was to bring the world closer to the true beauty and serenity of the glorious Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

• The Mooc Spring Eco-Trail also nests within itself numerous exotic flora and fauna. The wilderness of this area is home to snakes, different species of fresh water fish, gibbons, large kaleidoscopes of butterflies and various colorful birds!

Exploring the Nuoc Mooc Eco-trail

As you make your way to the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail, you will hike along the spring and your path will mostly be in the form of bamboo bridges, stony sections and an incredibly beautiful orchid garden. The Nuoc Mooc Spring is seen emerging in a large pool from the bottom of the limestone hills surrounding you. You’ll admire how the glossy blue water is gorgeously in contrast with the restless white foam. The spring then goes on to join the Chay River to continues its serene flow over the rocks and through to wider and relatively quieter valley.

The Eco-Trail along the river is just 1 KM long and exploring the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail is considered to be very safe. The whole hike is considerably easy and won’t physically challenge you at any point; also as you’d be surrounded by surreal beauty you’ll surely be distracted from any kind of fatigue! All the travellers visiting the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail walking through the park can have a wonderful time just relaxing and taking cool dips in the pristine and clear waters of the area.

Should you wish to indulge in something slightly more adventurous, go on and visit the Mooc Spring where you’ll find a bridge to cross; the bridge has been designed in a way that ensures a certain level of adventure while you’re crossing it over the amazing water. You can also partake in kayaking and other fun activities!

Visiting the Nuoc Mooc Eco-trail

All you need to do is rent a motorcycle as the most ideal way to reach the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail entrance site is on a motorbike. You can rent a motorbike in Phong Nha town or can get to the site with the help of an Easy Rider, where you get to ride pillion with a licensed and experienced local rider; this is considered to be a very safe and reasonably priced way to travel. Make sure you leave early in the morning, enjoy throughout the day and return before it gets dark.

The Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail is tucked into the jungle just off the main road of the national park loop. While you’re on the way on the loop, you’ll see that the entrance of the Nuoc Mooc Eco-Trail is located around 2 KM from Dark Cave.


Basic entrance fee: VND 80,000/PAX (USD 3.6)
All access pass fee: VND 180,000
/PAX (USD 8.2 – This pass allows you complete access to the Mooc Spring and all activities)
English speaking Tour guide:
VND 300,000 (USD 13.6)
Kayak rental:
VND 100,000
/hour (USD 4.6)


7:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Visit duration can vary from 1 hour to 4 hours.